My name is Luane and I have a big passion for picture taking in SL. This passion has led to me making poses, and selling them for all others to enjoy as well, and also to start as a blogger.

I started as a Flickr-blogger, but missed the possibility to make additional pics with close-ups. I talked with my best friend Kaelyn about it and she kindly invited me to make blog entries on her blog, and I grabbed this opportunity right away.

So this is my first blog post, I hope you like it!

♥ Luane ♥

The pose is one of my own :LW: Poses – “Too much to ask” – a bento pose that has 2 options included – one for flat feet and one for stilettos. I always make mirror poses as well for the single poses, and include the poses both in poseballs and as animations alone, so you can put them in your own posestand.

AvaWay, LOVE Anklets, exclusive for The Chapter Four.

AvaWay, MEOW Gacha rings, and bracelet.

Alme, Silver Winter

AvaWay, MILENA Pearl bracelet and BEATRITH Pearl Necklace.

Milk Tea, Noella

AvaWay, LOVE bellychain

Scarlet Creative, Harry Pottering shed

Scarlet Creative, Anastacia bed


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