Kaelyn Alecto has been a resident of the virtual world Second Life™ since February 20, 2010.  On August 25 2017 I decided to make a fresh account as TheNewKae. 

I spend my time in the virtual world Second Life™ taking pictures, exploring beautiful sims, landscaping, decorating and socialising with my friends. This blog is simply a way for me to share my pictures and my experiences along the way.

Content Creator

I recently started to make shapes for my collection of bento mesh heads. You can find them in my marketplace store.


Occasionally I take on clientshoots and make profile pictures for friends or vendor/promotional pictures for designers. My time can be very limited so it’s not always possible for me to plan new shoots. I’m open to talk about it and the best way to see if I’m available is to contact me in world.
You can find my big collection of photography on my Flickr.